H e a v y  E q u i p m e n t  &  L i f t i n g  O p e r a t i o n  M a i n t e n a n c e

Our service Specialies in :

  • Operation and maintenance for heavy equioment, lifting equipment such as cranes & associated lifting equipment such as cranes & associated lifting equipment and other related equipment.
  • This services are include but not limited for management and operation and maintenance of onshore and offshore project.
  • Highly qualified and competent person for maintenance and operation tailored tp suit the individual requirment for each client.
  • Standard & Multiskilled crane operators, heavy equipment operators & driver, mechanics, electrical & hydrolic specialized personel, rigger, scaffolder etc, are equipped with international and national competence level. Multi discipline NDT personel also in service.
  • We take the responsibility for planinning, coordination and implementation for any maintenance, replacement maintenance project for heavy equipment and lifting equipment.